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P Harfi İle Başlayan Şarkılar (1801 - 1900 / 3396)

  1. Playing God (Paramore)
  2. Playing God (Ana Johnsson)
  3. Playing Room Iv (Shadows Of Steel)
  4. Playing The Game (Gentle Giant)
  5. Playing To Win (John Farnham)
  6. Playing With Fire (Tha Carter III)
  7. Playing With Fire (Axel Rudi Pell)
  8. Playing With Lifes (Agathocles)
  9. Playing Your Song (Hole)
  10. Playin The Loser Again (Jimmy Buffett)
  11. Playin' With Fire (feat. Andy Love) (Natasha Thomas)
  12. Playmate Of The Year (Zebrahead)
  13. Play My Music (Jonas Brothers)
  14. Play My Music (Camp Rock)
  15. Play No Games (Lil Jon)
  16. Play No Games (Trick Daddy)
  17. Play On (Kansas)
  18. Play On Love (Jefferson Starship)
  19. Play On Playa (Nas)
  20. Play on Your Harp (David Willcox)
  21. Plays Pretty For Baby (Zolof The Rock)
  22. Plays Pretty For Baby (Saosin)
  23. Playtawin (Gang Starr)
  24. Play That Beat (Missy Elliott)
  25. Play That Funky Music (Adam Lambert)
  26. Play The Game (Queen)
  27. Play The Game (Joe Perry Project)
  28. Play the Game Tonight (Kansas)
  29. Play the Music (Sean Paul)
  30. Play This Game (Utopia)
  31. Play To Win (Amy Carr)
  32. Play With Fire (The Rolling Stones)
  33. Play With Fire (Jughead's Revenge)
  34. play with fire (Hilary Duff)
  35. Play Your Cards (Yung Joc)
  36. Plea (Shannon Wright)
  37. Pleasant Times (An Pierle)
  38. Pleasant Valley Sunday (Magnapop)
  39. Please (U2)
  40. Please (John Cale)
  41. Please (Mandalay)
  42. Please (Maxeen)
  43. Please (Jim Gaven)
  44. Please (Lamb)
  45. Please (Toni Braxton)
  46. Please Baby Don't (Sergio Mendes)
  47. Please Be Kind (Ann-Margret)
  48. Please Be Mine (Jonas Brothers)
  49. Please Be Patient With Me (Wilco)
  50. Please Be the One (Karla Bonoff)
  1. Please Bypass This Heart (Jimmy Buffett)
  2. Please Carry Me Home (Jessi Colter)
  3. Please Come Home For Christmas (Vonda Shepard)
  4. Please Come Home For Christmas (Aaron Neville)
  5. Please Come Home For Christmas (Eagles)
  6. Please Come To Boston (live) (Kenny Chesney)
  7. Please Don't Accept My Apology (Val Emmich)
  8. Please Don't Ask Me (John Farnham)
  9. Please Don't Bury Me (John Prine)
  10. Please Don't Go (Silk)
  11. Please Don't Go (Stevie Wonder)
  12. Please Don't Go (Basshunter)
  13. Please Don't Go (Jim Ed Brown)
  14. Please Don't Go (Madness)
  15. Please Don't Go (Boyz II Men)
  16. Please Don't Go Away (Johnny Tillotson)
  17. Please Don't Go Girl (Joey Mcintyre)
  18. Please Don't Go Girl (Aaron Carter)
  19. Please Don't Go (Remix) (Tyrese)
  20. Please Don't Hurt My Baby (Stevie Wonder)
  21. Please Don't Judas Me (Nazareth)
  22. Please Don't Leave Me (Pink)
  23. Please Don't Let It Go (H.I.M.)
  24. Please Dont Let My Mother Read This (Remembering Never)
  25. Please Don't Make Me Cry (Ub40)
  26. Please Don't Play A Love Song (Marty Robbins)
  27. Please Don't Stop (Keyshia Cole)
  28. Please Don't Stop The Music (Rihanna)
  29. Please Don't Stop The Rain (James Morrison)
  30. Please Don't Tell Her (Jason Mraz)
  31. Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends (Brenda Lee)
  32. Please Don't Turn Out The Lights (Bee Gees)
  33. Please Don't Wait (Bruce Kulick)
  34. Please Don't Wake Me (Flatt And Scruggs)
  35. Pleased To Meet You (Wolfmother)
  36. Pleased To Meet You (Mercyme)
  37. Please Forgive Me (Bryan Adams)
  38. Please Forgive Me (Melissa Etheridge)
  39. Please Forgive Us (10,000 Maniacs)
  40. Please Go Home (The Rolling Stones)
  41. Please Help Me Get Him Off My Mind (Bessie Smith)
  42. Please Help Me I'm Falling (Lila Mccann)
  43. Please Help Me I'm Falling (The Blue Ridge Rangers)
  44. Please Help Me I'm Falling (in Love With You) (Lila Mccann)
  45. Please Jesus (Merle Haggard)
  46. Please Leave (Jebediah)
  47. Please Leave My Darling Alone (Jim Reeves)
  48. Please Let Me Come Back To You (Irving Berlin)
  49. Please Let Me Have You (Mel Tillis)
  50. Please Let Me Wonder (Brian Wilson)

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