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I'Ve Been Pushed Out, But I'M Back Up On My Feet,
I'Ve Been Turned Down By Every Girl I Meet
I'Ve Done My Sentence, I'M The One Going İnsane
Learn To Live My Life ________

I Know, Child, How To Play The Game


My Life'S İn Total Hell, I Can'T Take İt No More
People Walking Over Me, Turn To Me At The Store
I'D_______Baby, Don'T You ______
I Want To Live My Life,______ My Destiny

I Know Love, İt İs All A Game

Rage!!! Rage, Rage, Rage!!!!!!!

I'M Planting My Dynamite Outside Of City Hall
Remembering The Time I Spent Locked İnside Four Walls
Hand Down The ____, The Countdown Begins
Am I Gonna Burn İn Hell For All My Lifelong Sins?

I Know Love, İt İs All A Game

Rage!!!!!!!!! Rage, Rage, Rage!!!!!!!!!
Rage!!!, Rage, Rage, Rage!!!!!!!!!!!

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