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There İs No Night There İs No Day
A Dusty Land Where Each Light Drifts Away
Giant Rocks Among The Stars
Many Lightyears Behind Mars

Below The Cover High Platimun Walls
Blinding Steel Everywhere

A Secret Place Pure Mechanic Life
The Only Way Out On The Assembly Line
Flashing Numbers On Lcd
Tell Production To İncrease

There Will Be Legions Of Android Men
Obedient To The Scanner'S Voice
One Day He Will Have Them Under His Thumb
Synthetic Tools Which Never Fail

No Light Galactos No Life

Down İn The Core Of The Machinery
The Aces Wait For Day-Zero To Come
Five Superior Droids Lie
And Expansion İs Their Goal

The Quintet'S Built Of Titanium Steel
Constructed By The Master'S Hand
One Day He Will Send Them Down To Earth
To Give The Future Another Chance

No Light Galactos No Life

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