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My Mama'S Talkin' To Me
She Tells Me How To Live,
But I Don'T Listen To Her
'Cause My Head İs Like A Sieve.

My Daddy He Disowned Me
'Cause I Wear My Sisters Clothes,
He Caught Me İn The Bathroom
With A Pair Of Pantyhose.

The Basketball Coach
Done Kicked Me Off The Team
For Wearing Hi-Heel Sneakers
And Acting Like A Queen.

The World'S Coming To An End
And I Don'T Even Care,
As Long As I Can Have My Limo
And My Long Blonde Hair.

And İt Don'T Bother Me
If People Think I'M Funny,
'Cause I'M A Big Rock Star
And I Make A Lot Of Money!

I'M So Bloody Rich,
I Own Apartment Buildings,
Shopping Centers, Condominiums
And I Only Know Three Chords!
You Fools - Watch Me Now.

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