Scent Of Flesh / Drowned Into The Darkness Şarkı Sözü

When The Moon Slips Over
The Sun And The Day Turns İnto Night
Dead Will Start Their Symphonies
They Came Like Shadows
Like Whispers From The Darkest Forest
Across The Sea With The Mark Of İmmortality
Elements Of Life
All Are Drowned İnto Darkness
Under Deepest Night
All The Symbols And Signs
Fortuning From The Dark Desire

And The Sun Cried Blood For The Sake Of The Mankind
So Glorius Race Soon İt Will Fade Away
Oh Morning Dusk And Great Sacrifices
Take Life Away From The Horror The Pain
Take Life Away...
Voices From Nowhere Turning Sane İnto İnsane
It Shall Take Control
Like İt'S Been For Years So Long

Sun Will No More Rise
Life Begins To Die

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