Secret Sphere / 1000 Eyes' Show Şarkı Sözü

Annie Wakes Up One Morning ,
Golden Downfall Of Hair On Her Chest,
Sparkle Her Pupils,
Diamonds Of Cheat And Malice,
Every Night Thousand Eyes Are Slaves
I Know You Like İt,
Your Puppets Crawl Around The Luxury,
I Know You Like İt

Beauty And Power Are Eyes Of The Same Face,
Intrapped İn The Mirror,
You'Ve Chosen To Play With Fire
And Your Heart Turned İnto İce

I Remember Your Words,
With Class And Grace You Raped My Senses,
All I Got İs Yours, All You Wish İs Me

Love Again, I Will Help Your Heart İn Cage,
Time Has Come For You To Love Me,
I Know You Can
Love Again, Don'T You Know Your Heart'S İn Cage,
You Don'T Think The Words You'Re Saying,
I Must Set You Free
≫From This Thousand Eyes Show,

You Betrayed, Your Lips, Your Body,
I See My Hands Are Chained
And You Got The Keys, Babe
My Love 'Till Death, My Cage, I'M Blind,
Mistress Of Desire...

Between Fire And İce I Live Now,
In This Sleepless Night My Sweat,
As Holy Water, Sanctify The Sacrifice

You Come İnto My Nightmares
Imploring Me To Set You Free,
I Swear I' Ll Be Your Saviour,
Into These Arms You'Ll Sleep

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