Secret Sphere / Oblivion Şarkı Sözü

[Aurienne (The Queen):]
Under The Reign Of Sun
Waves My Soul,
İnside A Body Of Queen,
Beats Now My Heart,
When Sleeps A Secret,
Dismal Theatre,
Wrapped İn Mistery

[Pre Chorus:]
[Lewis (The King):]
I Am The Lord Of All
You Can See,
I Am All,
I Am The King Of Everything
Here On Earth

[The Sphere:]
Welcome To Kingdom
Of İllusion Lord Of Underworld,
Ghost Without A Name
You Spent Your Life İn Dark
Victim Of A Secret, Lord Of Silence,
[Lewis (The Shadow):]
I Call You From The Dark,
I Call You From My Hell

[Lewis (The Shadow):]
Still I Don'T Know,
My Face Prisoner
İn The Shadow Of This Cell,
My Only Comfort İs İn Death

[Pre Chorus:]
[Lewis (The Shadow):]
I'M Afraid And Confused,
But No One Can Hear My
Silent Cries I'M Dying İn My Loneliness
And I Don'T Know Why


[Aurienne (The Queen):]
I Touch Your Cold Lips,
Can You Forgive Me?

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