Self / I Am A Little Explosion Şarkı Sözü

Let'S Play Some Music
Follow Me

Let'S Make Some Noise With Some Pots And Pans - Repeat 8x

Where Did You Go
Where Could You Be
İ Better Find A Way To Write Back Home
İ Feel The Flow Of Electricity
Better Call Before The Fuse İs Blown

- Chorus -
İ Am A Little An, Explosion
İ Am That'S All İ Am Explosion

You Once Were Told You Once Were Free
İ Drew A Map My Destinations Unknown
Morticians Faint Whenever You Breathe
İ'Ll See The Light Before İ'M Buried And Bones

* Repeat Chorus *

Starlight Blinding
İ Will Go Away
Same Old Rigmarole
İ Will Explode

She'S İn My Shadow
İ Avoid The Street Lights
She Loves Her Sweater
Clothing İs Her Birthright
She'S Heavy Metal
Moshing İn The Moonlight
She Writes Me Letters
Poetry Keeps Her Up Nights
* Repeat *

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