Sertab Erener / 1000 Faced Man Şarkı Sözü

Albüm : Painted On Water

There İs One Thing I Want To Say
You'Ve Got Two Faces On Display
There Are Three More That You Play
Another Four You Locked Away
It İs One Thing To Fall İn Love
There Two People İn The Show
I Found Three More İn The Store
A Number Four And Then Some More...


Tell You People İt!S Not A Myth
I Found The İnfamous Man With
A Thousand Faces
I Just Can'T Believe
I'Ve Fallen Too Deep
In Love With A Thousand Faced Man

Now İ Wonder Where İ Should Hide
I Have To Run, İ Have To Fly
To Break Free From His Evil Spell
Love Forever Can Be Hell

There İs One Way This All Could End
I Have Two Choices İn My Hand
There Are Three Words That İ Could Spend
And A Four Letter Word At Hand

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