Sesame Street / A Bark In The Dark Şarkı Sözü

Voice #1: I Heard A Bark. Go Out And See What İt İs.

Voice #2: A Bark?

Voice #1: Go On And See.

Voice #2: Okay, But İt'S Awfully Dark Out Here.

(There Might Be A Line Here I Don'T Recall. We See The Light From A Flashlight Shining Around. Suddenly, The Sound Of Knocking İnto Something İs Heard.)

Voice #1: What Happened? I Heard A Bump.

Voice #2: Oh, İt'S Just Me. I Tripped Over That Broken Chair.

Voice #1: An Old Broken Chair? Can'T You Take That To The Dump?

Voice #2: Not İn The Dark, I Can'T. Now Leave Me Alone! (Pause. Light Shines Around.) Sure İs Dark Out Here ... (Pause.) Wait A Minute? Did You Hear A Little, Tiny Bark?

Voice #1: No, I Didn'T Hear A Bark.

Voice #2: Well, I Was Sure I Heard A ...

Voice #3: Bark!

Voices #1 And #2: Yeeeooowww!

(Light Shines On The Owner Of The Third Voice --A Spotted Brown Puppy.)

Puppy: Can You Give Me Directions To The Park? Rrruff!

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