Sesame Street / Daddy Dear Şarkı Sözü

D, D, D, D
Daddy Dear, Oh Daddy Dear
Do Dogs Have Dreams, Do Ducks Have Ears?
Do Dragons Dance, Why Do Gophers Dig Holes?
Do Gophers Dress Up İn Their Dirty Clothes?

D, D, D, D
Dogs Dream Of Meat And Their Dreams Are Delicious
Ducks Do Have Ears But They Don'T Do The Dishes
Gophers Dig Holes To Hide Their Candy Bars
Dragons Don'T Dance And They Don'T Smoke Cigars

D, D, D, D
Daddy Dear, Oh Daddy Sweet
Do Dandylions Roar, Do Daisies Have Feet?
May I Have A Drink Of Water And A Dish Of Tadpoles?
Daddy How Deep İs A Doughnut Hole?

D, D, D, D
If Dandylions Roar Then Your Daddy İs Deaf
The Daisies Drank The Water So The Tadpoles Left
Your Eyes Are Droopy Darling Daughter And You'Re Dizzy İn The Head
The Toads Are Eating Dinner So İt'S Time To Go To Bed

Little Dolly Go To Bed


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