Shampoo / Take A Break Şarkı Sözü

I Love You, You Hate Me..
Let'S Make İt Up Over A Cup Of Tea..
Take Your Mind Off Your Mortality,
Win Fifty Pounds For A Shopping Spree...

Take A Break,
From The Daily Routine..
Disconnect Yourself From The Washing Machine

The Operation Didn'T Go As Planned..
Couldn'T Have Happened To A Nicer Man...
Cleo The Doberman Saved My Life..
My Uncle'S Mistress Ran Off With My Wife..

Chorus X1

Bet He Did İt With My Teenage Neighbour,
While I Was İn Labour, I Was İn Labour..

Chorus X1

Take A Break...
From The Daily Routine..
Send Your Life Story
To The Cheap Magazine..

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