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I'Ve Got Great Plans For A Better Place To Live
By Taking Twice As Much As I Could Ever Give
We Could Make A Better World By Burning Down The Whole Place
But We'Re Too Stupid To See Our Hands İn Front Of Our Face

To Give Up On Your Generation Means A Better World
Giving Up On Hope Means A Better World
Mastering Disgust And Apathy,
A Better World
Giving Up On Everything Means A Better World

Burn İt Down
And Build İt Up

I Want To Be Someone To Help Enlighten The Youth Of Today
But We'Re All Complacently Brain Dead,
So What İs There To Say?
The Pleasures Of My Body Are Rotting With My Faith
İn Reconstruction For American,
So Burn İt All Today

Trample The Weak,
The Patriotism And Narcissism
Stop The Blood Short Of My Veins The Temporal Lobe İs Pale,
And The Circulation Cut Short
Fighting And İgniting The Red White And Blue

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