Sicko / Pain In The Ass Şarkı Sözü

If I Could Just Be Nice To You
Would You Believe İt Was True
I Just Can'T İmagine What You'D Say
And İf You Respect The Way I Act
Then I'Ve Got To Figure That You'Re Cracked
Either Way İt'S Probably Neither Way

I Don'T Understand I Thought You'D Never Last
And All The Questions That I Thought You'D Never Ask
And All My Tolerance İt Disappeared So Fast
İt'S Not My Fault I'M Just A Pain İn The Ass

I Wonder İf You Understand
The Truth Behind An Unkind Hand
A Blow To Let Me Know I Made My Point
That My Loss For Words Left Unclear
Answered Strikes A Note Of Fear
Appears My Visions Left You Out Of Joint

Another Time I Kept My Cool
Lost Within A World Of Fools
Remained Content İn Calling You A Clown
İt'S Not Like We Have Full Control
İt'S Not Like We'Re Responsible
And Lashing Out Can Only Let You Down

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