Sonic Youth / 100 Şarkı Sözü

I Can Never Forget You
The Way You Rock The Girls
They Move A World And Love You
You'Re Blasting The Underworld

İ Stick A Knife İn My Head
A-Thinking 'Bout Your Eyes
But Now That You Been Shot Dead
İ Got A New Surprise

But İ Been Waitin' For You Just To Say
He'S Off To Check His Mind
But All İ Know İs You Got No Money
But That'S Got Nothing To Do With A Good Time

Can You Forgive The Boy Who
Shot You İn The Head
Or Should You Get A Gun And
Go And Get Revenge?

A 100% Of My Love
Up To You True Star
İt'S Hard To Believe You Took Off
İ Always Thought You'D Go Far

But İ Been Around The World A Million Times
And All You Men Are Slime
İt Gone To My Head
Goodbye İ Am Dead
Wastewood Rockers İs Time For Crap

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