Suffocation / Habitual Infamy Şarkı Sözü

Pray İn Homage Under Shadows Of Ancestry
Conceptual Lords Above Bathing İn Your İnquiry
Memorizing Thoughts Through Hallucinations Of Despair
Imminence Burns Within, Plunge Yourself To Disrespect
Battred Visions, Desolation Drips İnto Your Eyes
A Feeling Of Oppresiveness That Vastly Clutters Life
Deviation Scarred Within, Placed Upon You From Your Birth
Engage With Destitution, As İt Rips İnto Your Mind

Morally Detrimental
Incapacitated Existence
Ignorant False Worship

Exit All That'S İnsincere
Rendered Never To Beleive, Never To Place Trust Again
Deny The Coss You Bear
Resisting All Religion, Resisting İnfirmities
Habitual İnfamy
Malignant İnfatuation
Reduces Your Will To Live
Illusive Reality
Images Shred Your Mind To Pieces
Deception Crowds You
An İnfection Of Thoughts That God İs There For You
Self-İnflicted Betrayal Provoked By Others

Sink İn Deep Depression
States Of Mental Turmoil
Abdiction Enters
Sanity Depletes
Paralyzing Conflicts
Fear Of Retribution
Catastrophic Frenzies
Burns Within Your Mind

Sifting Through Delusions
Comatose With Anguish
Tribulation Drowns All Hope
To Live On

Purge Your Soul İn Hate
You'Re Realizing You Can'T Afford
Brace Yourself Til All Resistance Ends
Cut Yourself And Release The Blood

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