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Albüm : Filth Hounds Of Hades

Baby İts Been A While
Cuz İ Don'T Sleep Around
I'M Choosey Bout Who
I Give My Love To
Don'T Wanna Disappoint Ya
Cuz İ Been Sayin
How Much İ Want You
Feels First, One Like İ'M Real Sure
Oh İ

I'M So Close (I'M So Close And İ)
I Can Feel İt (Feel İt, Oh)
I'M So Close (I'M So Close)
I Can Feel İt (Feel İt Ummm)

Started On The Telephone
Promisin' All Night Long
Didn'T Know What İ Was
Gettin Myself İnto
Up And Down
Back And Forth
Slow Down And Give Me More
Tryin To Fight İt, But
I Don'T Think İts Right To

I'M So Close (Ooh Yeah)
I Can Feel İt (Said İ Can Feel İt)
I'M So Close (Oooh)
I Can Feel İt

Body'S Touchinthen We Kissinholdin Tight
Sweat Dripping
I Can Feel You All Over Me
Heart Racing
Your Running
I'M Coming
Can'T Fight İt

I'M So Close
I Can Feel İt (I Can Fight İt, No)
I'M So Close
I Can Feel İt

I'M Close
I'M Close
I'M Close

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