Tea Party / Alarum Şarkı Sözü

I Took A Slide, Slipping Down A Staircase
A Piranesian Dream
My Senses Reeled, Distorted About The Darkness
A Lit My Way With A Scream
And İn The Rave An Alarum Caused A
Cracked Mirror
I Got Confused By The Sound
I Turned Around And Touched İt From A Distance
And Then İt Fell To The Ground

Loud Cry From The Shallows
Lust Feeds On The Fear
Walls Crack Under Pressure
I Think The End İs Getting Near

And İn My Mind That Was The Furry Of A Madness
That Consecrated The Dirt
I Stumbled Through The Enigma Of The Reason
And Celebrated The Hurt
And Then I Found İn An Act Of Desperation
A Subtle Rip İn The Heart
I Was Seduced By The Fear (Taste) Of Devastation
And Then İt Tore Me Apart

Oh No, Nothing Matters!
When İt Takes Me
Where İt Rapes Me, Breaks Me
Shakes Me Down

A Quick Escape From The Fear Of Commination
I Slept The Night With My Spleen
A Thin Exuse, I Was Searching For Some Answers
I Broke Away From The Scene
Because After All Animality'S An İnstinct
And İts Luxuria'S Slave
To Taste The Truth, İt'S A Seizure Of The Senses
And İts A Foot İn The Grave

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