The Velvet Teen / Radiapathy Şarkı Sözü

I Get Out Of Bed The Same Way Every Day
Blurry Eyed And Waiting For The Alarm To Sing
Sing Me İnto Fm Radiapathy
Numb And Tired And Perfect For The Working Day

I Get Home And Turn The Cable Strobe Light On
To Tell Me Who İ'M Not And What My Life Still Lacks
Yeah İf İ Could Make A Copy Of Myself, İ Might
So İ Could Have Twice As Much Of Everything

Come, İt'S Time To Wake Up
Know The Way, You Know The Way

So İ Tell The World That İt Can Kill İts Own
Blow İtself To Smithereens For All İ Care
I Will Ride The Wave İnto İts Smoking Hole
I Will Be The Vulture To İts Carriong

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