Thrice / A Torch To End All Torches Şarkı Sözü

Albüm : Identity Crisis

Misguided Satellite
I Circle By Habit,
Can'T Find My Orbit To Save My Life
I Want To Fall,
I Want To Burn,
Like An İgnorant Craterless Meteorite
Long Ago I Was Derailed,
Long Ago The Mission Failed
But İn The Distance There Appears A Light
Disgruntled Architect
Building A Palace
Cant Make İt Perfect To Save My Life
Victimless Crime Ride The Wrecking Ball İn
Evacuate Now While I Breathe Dynamite
Efforts All To No Avail
I'M Perfection'S Countervail
Torn İn Pieces, I Am Made Contrite
And İn My Darkest Hour
The Brightest Light Draws Near To Me
A Torch To End All Torches,
This İs The Light That Sets Me Free
All Shadows Burn Away Now
But By His Grace I Am Sustained
Though All Was Lost,
Now All İs Found And More İs Gained
Lift Me Up And Make Me Whole
Instil İn Me A New Hope
Breathe New Life İnto My Soul

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