Transmetal / Damned Pits Şarkı Sözü

They Walk
To The Left
Dejected And Whipped
Their Souls İn Torment
A Bestial Fire Begins
Bodies İmprisoned Pure İndignation
Your Another Useless Request
Crying To Claim To The Sentence
Burning Under Stones
In Pits Of Madness
Who Will Obstruct Their Destiny?
Eternal Punishment For Sins
The Fire Begins

In The Damned Pits
The Fire Begins For
These Wasted Souls
Dark And Misty Bottom
His Face İt Reflects Mercy
You Take İt For Terror

Crossing The Jungle
The Light Agonizes
Among The Mist
Tears Of Anguish

Wet The Paths
Of Torn Apart Faces
Tied Feet And Hands
More Torment Every İnstant
In Muddled Abyss
Ground Bones
Vain Hopes
For Those Condemned

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