Treble Charger / Mercury Smile Şarkı Sözü

It'S Been All The Same
The Wasted Words
The Way I'M Feeling Strange
Colours Gone The Way
Of Empty Rooms
And Leaning Over Days

Letterbox İn Tv Frame
I Let You İn, You'D Do The Same
Credit Photograph
And Maybe I Can Laugh İf Off Again

I Love Your Mercury Smile
It Keeps Me Outta Line
I Try To Simplify
The Complicated Kind
I Got An Alibi
If You'Re So İnclined

Everything İs Beautiful
I Don'T Know Why İt Had To Be This Way

I Recall The Blame
The Failing Terms, The Light Revealing Stain
A Fabric Starts To Frey
With Every Line Of Thought Begins Decay

Letterbox İn Tv Frame
No Reaction To A Claim
Credit Photograph
It Made Me Laugh So I Can Start Again

Falling İn Disgrace, Listen To The Laughter
What A Terrible Waste. I Can Hardly Wait

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