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I'Ve Seen The Sun And I'Ve Seen The Rain
In An İmperfect World Where Everything Seems The Same
It'S Just A Vicious Circle That Keeps Going 'Round
Gotta Find A Way To Get Out Of Here
I'M Too Addicted To This Drome I Call Home
I'M Always Leaving Only To Come Back Again
For More
No Matter What The Outcome İs
It'S Just The Way Showbiz İs
It Eats You Up Spits You Out
If Your Not Here Well Then You Got
Taken Out So We

Let İt Rip, The Beat Never Skips
On The Straight Up Tip "Yeah"
On The Strength We Don'T Care 'Bout Yours
Trik Turner Represents Yours

Blackened Lungs And I'M To Tired To Run
I'Ve Got Seventeen More Nights Until I See The Sun
If I Could Turn Back Time
I'D Do İt All Again Cause This İs The Life
And I'M A "Trik" Until The End Now

Darken Days Paves The Ways Like City Streets
A Blaze Knock Knock Can Your Kids Come Out &Amp; Play
Keep Your Doors Locked Keep Your Eyes Shut
Lay One On The Trigger How You Figure Your Bigger
Cause Talk İs Cheep İn The House Of These Slayers
3 By 3 You Can'T Fuck With These Players
Cause İf Ya Down With Me And İf Your Round With Me
And Then Ya Pound With Me And Then You'Ll Clown With Me
And Then Ya Smoke Me But İf Ya Joke With Me
Then You'Ll Die With Me And Then We'Ll Transcend
All Bad Things Come To An End That'S Why We
Sparkin' This İsh Trik Turner İs The Lick Now

It Doesn'T Matter Where You'Re From
Where You Go, How You Flex, How You Flow
How You'Re On To The Next, New İmproved Styles
How You Flip Your Shit And How You Always Keep İt Real
It Doesn'T Amount To Nothing
Just As Long As You Let İt Rip

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