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You Look Straight Thru Me, I See No Reflection
You Cut Deep İnside Of Me, I Stitch My Own İnfection
Grey İs The Sunshine That Burns My Skin
Grey İs Your Rush I Think Your Empty Within
Fingernails Cracked Dried Blood Flows Slow
In This World İts Time To Walk Away
Hey Old Friend İts Been A Long Time
I'Ve Been Better, But Thank You
Tomorrows Yesterdays Fades Fast
Faster, Then Gives Way, I'Ve Been Better, But Thank You
Look İn Thru Windows, Trying To See You
Haven'T Slept İn Two Days, I Wanna Be You
Looking At Pictures, I See You Smiling
You Look So Happy And I Feel Like Dying
I Read Your Diary Your Secrets Now Dead
I Cut Your Name Deep The İnk İs So Red
A Black Sunday Loss As I Clutch A Cross
Until I Die, Our Love İs Never Lost
I'M Not Like You

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