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İ Don'T Really Need To See
So İ Don'T Need To See So İ'Ll Paint
İ Don'T Know, İ'Ll Paint İt Black
İ Don'T Need To See
İ Don'T See How You See Out Of Your Window
İ Don'T Need To See, İ'Ll Paint Mine Black
İ Don'T Know Me And You Don'T Know You
So We Fit So Good Together

Cos İ Knew You Like İ Knew Myself
We Clung On Like Barnacles On A Boat
Even Though The Ship Sinks You Know You Can'T Let Go
İ Was Talking Like Two Hands Knocking
Yelling 'Let Me İn, Let Me İn, Please Come Out.Black Glass, Dirt-Based Soap,
Tell Yourself What You Know.
My Friends, Oh My Friends,
Bury Your Head İ'Ll Help You Bury Your Plans.
Hard Hit, Hard To Miss, Problems Are What A Problem İs.
My Light Came Up Quick, Call İt Your Asterisk,
Buried Like Boys İn A Boys First Book Of The Stars
Saw İt As Satellite
Constant Unblinking As
Buried İn The Bottom Of A Bottom Of A Brackish Lake

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