Unjust / Failed Şarkı Sözü

İt'S Been So Long,
Living On My Back Stripped So Long
My Head İs Torn,
Thinking Of Way Back Forgotten İt All

Father You'Ve Gone,
Broken Kid Left Back
Gone So Long
Childhood Left Lost, Whipped Boy,
His Brain Crashed Screams
Yelled Through The Halls
Breaking İn, Crushing, You Stoled!
Try To Tie The Things You Told!
Leave Again, Bring On Back, So Come Again!
Turned Away Your Fuckin Lies!
Life So Young, Didn'T Even Try!
Leave Again, Crawl On Back, So Come Again,
Come Again, Come Again!

Lies Told Left Me Scarred
Pointed Fingers Blamed Me Sowing
Seed Left Spoiled Childhood Hero Failed Me...

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