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I'Ve Got My Things, I'M Good To Go
You Met Me At The Terminal
Just One More Plane Ride And İt'S Done

We Stood Like Statues At The Gate
Vacation'S Come And Gone Too Late
There'S So Much Sun Where I'M From
I Had To Give İt Away, Had To Give You Away

And We Spent Four Days On An
Island At Your Family'S Old Hotel
Sometimes Perfection Can Be
It Can Be Perfect Hell, Perfect...

Hours Pass, And She Still Counts The Minutes
That I Am Not There, I Swear I Didn'T Mean
For İt To Feel Like This
Like Every İnch Of Me İs Bruised, Bruised
And Don'T Fly Fast. Oh, Pilot Can You Help Me?
Can You Make This Last? This Plane İs All I Got
So Keep İt Steady, Now
Cause Every İnch You See İs Bruised

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