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I'M Not Afraid Of The Black Man Running
He'S Got İt Right He'S Got A Better Life Coming
I Don'T Care What The Captain Said
I Fold İt Right At The Top Of My Head
I Lost My Sight And The State Packs İn
I Follow My Heart And İt Leads Me Right To Jackson

Oh Keller Oh Oh Oh
She Gave Us A Medal She Gave Us A Map
Oh Canner Row, Oh Oh Oh
If Seeing İs Right, Then Look Where You'Re At

I'M Not Afraid Of Nichol'S Park
I Ride The Train And I Ride İt After Dark
I'M Not Afraid To Get İt Right
I Turn Around And I Give İt One More Try
I Said Things That I Meant To Say
The Bandstand Chairs And The Dewey Day Parade
I Go Out To The Golden Age
The Spirit İs Right And The Spirit Doesn'T Change

Oh Keller Oh Oh Oh

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