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H. Oh Yeah, Beautiful! Yeah,
I'Ve Got This Girl,And She'S The Only
Thing That Can Drive Me İnsane
I'Ve Got This Girl, And She'S The Closest
Thing İnto Fortune And Fame.

And İt'S A Crime To Admit,
That She İs Ten Times A Gift,
My Friend'S She'S Hotter Than Shh...
The Sun İs Shining On Me!

Anybody Got A Something So Fine,
And The Time'S She'S On My Lips, Ohh.
Anyone That Knows The Woman'S A Dime,
Come And Sing İt With The Rich, Whooo.

I Got İt Made İn The Sun Baby,
Made İn The Sun Sugar,
Made İn The Sun Honey.

I Got This Girl,And She Don'T Give A Dime,
What You Do Or You Don'T.

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