Waikiki / Mad And Beautiful Şarkı Sözü

La La La La...

All The Traffic
Got No Rhythm
All The Buskers
Are Out Of Tune
And The Papers
They Got Nothinbut Together
They'Re A Song

The Push And Pull
Of The Traffic
And The Radio
In Between
The Taxi Stories
Are All Broken
But Together
They'Re A Song
And Together
We'Re A Song

Our Love'S Exploding
It'S Delicious
You'Re Mad And Beautiful
I Was Once Warned
Not To Touch You'Ve Got The Green Light
Now Drive

Now We'Re Swimming
I Hear Church Bells
Resonating Through The Waves
I Can'T Predict
Can'T Resist You
What Came Before You
I Can'T Recall
But Together
We'Re A Song

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