Warlock / Earthshaker Rock Şarkı Sözü

Hey You, Whatcha Gonna Do,
Whatcha Gonna Do Tonight
Stand Up And Let İt Out
Metal Rock İs Here Tonight.

In The Streets A Wave Of Heat
Burning Half The Town
Finish The Day İn A Rocking Good Way

Out Of Hell And Out Of Fire
The Night İs Filled With Dark Desire
Metal Sounds Will Take ( Send ) You Higher
Listen To The Beat All Through The Night

When You Get Here
You Will See The Light
And Sounds Will Heat Up
The Heat Of The Night

Earth'Shaker Rock
Come On, ( Let Me ) Make You Feel Alright
State Of Shock - Metal Rock

Higher, Higher
Set Your Light On Fire
You Get Higher
Bang Your Head, Bang Your Head.

Earthshaker Rock
Heat Of The Night
Earthshaker Rock
Baby, I Make You Feel Alright
State Of Rock - Metal Rock.

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