Xasthur / Dragonslair Şarkı Sözü

(The Fighting And Finally Befriending Of The Mythical But Very Real Dragon
Moroth. Ending İn The Showing By Moroth To Braveheart The Power Of The
Shield Of Darkness And The Foretelling Of His Coming To Rule Savageland)

The Wind And Rain Were Allies
Fought The Sweat Upon His Brow
And Hunger Was An Enemy
The Fear İt Stalked The Ground
He Gazed Up At The Mountain
To The Dragonslair He Crawled
And Clutched His Mighty Hammer
To His Breast That Was So Cold

In Dragonslair
All Alone İn Dragonslair
Im So Alone
Alone İn Dragonslair

So Heavy Was His Breathing
Remembering The Myth
How Mighty Was The Dragon
And Moroth He Was Called

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