Yankee Grey / Rabbithole Şarkı Sözü

Fell Asleep About A Year Ago
I'M Dreaming Now With The Coma Fools
I Hit My Head On The Rabbit Hole
Long Way Down

Is This The Dream That I Always Had
Cold Sweats With Some Cocktail Jazz
Never Thought I Could Hit This High
Long Way Down

She Said İt Doesn'T Have To Feel This Way
Sit Down Boy 'Cause You Don'T Have To Go
'Cause We Can Get High Again
Yeah We Can Get High Yeah
We Can Get High Again
We Can Just Fly

I Felt A Twitch A Couple Months Ago
I'M Floating Now İn A Tear Duct Pool
I Ripped My Shirt On A Blowtorched Fence
Long Way Down

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