Zamak / Empty Bloody Gates Şarkı Sözü

It'S The End Of Hope İn My Heart
To Enter A Cosmic Terror
Falling At The Gates Of Empire
Decide Between The Power And The Hate
In Sacrifice And Ancestral Lords' Deceptions

Battles Of Cosmic Horror Running On The Possetion
Dreams Forbidden Shade Of The Wicked Smile
Toward The Edge, Burning The Dark Dreams
To Understand That All İs Lost

You Go Now She Drinks The Death
World Of Lies You Should Fly
On All The Questions Without Fear
With The Hate As Your Force And The Power Of Rage

She Enters To Empty And Bleeding Gates
Waiting The Questions
Of The Mutilations Of My Lost Heart
Which Labyrinth
Arising Among The Arms Of The Forest

She Enters To Empty And Bleeding Gates
It Looks For An Unreal Future
I'M The Punisher'S Silence
Creator Of My İnterior Fight

This İs The Last Hope And This İs The First Grave
Of My Battles İn Name Of Wisdom
For The Hate Of My Sword
I'M İn This Mind I'Ll Close My Eyes
At The Face Of The Death İn The Middle Of My Tears.

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