Zao / Fifteen Rhema Şarkı Sözü

My Heart İs Deceived By
My Eyes My Actions İn The Name Of Beauty
I'M Sickened And Strangled
By Myself That I Would Allow An Unyielded Desire To Lead Me Astray
Put To Shame By My Lack Of Trust I Confess My Faults With Tears

Manifestations Of Your Grace Fill Me
Revelations Of Forgiveness Wounds Healed By Wounds
The Father'S Mercy
Peace Beyond Understanding Love From You
That I Don'T Deserve
Don'T Deserve [4x]
I Shut My Eyes I Still My Feelings
Feelings, Feelings
Listening With Closed Eyes I Rest İn Your Guidance
I Rest İn Your Guidance
Trusting You
Sensing You I Listen And Hear
Abide İn Me [4x]

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