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I'Ll Take This Chance To Release All The Grief Pent Up İnside Of Me
Got Nothing To Say Who Will Listen Anyway
It'S All The Same To Me So I'Ll Just Shout And Scream


Unbridled Energy Pent Up İnside Me (2x)

If You Don'T Think That This Makes Any Sense
(Why Do You) Continue To Abuse The People That'Re Your Friends
Gotta Find Your Way To Let İt Out
It'S Better Than Seeing A Shrink Who'Ll Only Sit And Watch You Pout


So What'S My Problem I Really Ain'T Got One
It'S Just That I'M So Sick And Tired Of How Things Are Done
So Why Not Scream To Get İt Out Of Me
Or Get Drunk At "Cary'S" With Steve Nagy

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