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Some Dirty Squatters Moved İnto My Street
With Their Non Sexist Haircuts, Dirty Feet
Their Dogs, Cats, Political Elite
They May Have Beds But They Don'T Use Sheets
Furnishing Their Houses From The Contents Of Skips
Things That Decent People Put On Rubbish Tips
They Look Quite Harmless Sitting Out İn The Sun
But I Wouldn'T Let My Daughter Marry One

Dirty Squatters
Oh My God They'Re Moving İn Next Door
Dirty Squatters
Is İt For People Like This That Winston Won - The War

I'Ve Lives İn This Street For Nearly Fifteen Years
Lived Here With My Hopes, Lived Here With My Fears
Paid My Taxes, Paid My Bills
Watched My Money Vanished İn The Council Tills
Alone Come These Scruffs With Their Education
Their Grand İdeas, Talk Of Corruption
My Rent Keeps Rising, My Job Gets Boring

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